Peels by Strength & Experience

Level 1 Strength Peels

Light strength peels are good for those who are trying their first skin peel or even regular users who want a minimal peel with little downtime but still want to turn over the skin cells for a fresher, younger look.

Level 2 Strength Peels

Medium strength peels are good for those who want to take the peeling to the next level and want more results. These peels will have longer downtime but yield more dramatic results in the end. These peels are recommended only after you have done level 1 peels.

Level 3 Strength Peels

Deep strength peels are for experienced peel users only. These peels have the longest downtime and most dramatic peeling results. These are only to be performed by those who have gone through level 1 and level 2 strength peels.

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